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Chernobyl Specialized

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History of Archive

Фото архіву відсутнє

State enterprise (SE) "Chornobylservis" was based by fusion in accordance with the Ministryof Emergencies of Ukraine Order dated  29.08.1997 № 212 " and consists of the following units:

Energy-Industrial Complex

Complex of telecommunications

Transport complex

 Catering complex

Residential Complex

Plot of supply, storage and fuel delivery

Recreational and rehabilitation complex

Retailers plot

There was a need to create an archive of the enterprise in 2000.  The premises was allocated at Polupanova str. 2, Chornobyl town and Androsova F. K. was appointed as the manager of the archive, who is subordinated to the head of department.

The archive was subordinated to the accountant office of the enterprise. The Archive staff included the manager and archivist.

In accordance with the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine Order dated  09.12.2012 № 1086 State Specialized Enterprise SSE “Chornobyl Specialized” was founded , that performed functions of the successor, property rights and obligations.

The archive was subordinated to the documentary department and renamed as group archives.

The archives stores documents that are not included in the National Archive Fund (NAF).

Archive was created to preserve records and documents of permanent long-term and short-term storage.

Archive performs:

-         reception, accounting, ordering of  structural units documents according to established norms.

-         work on compiling scientific reference apparatus that facilitates registration and use of archival documents (files, directories, information and more).

-         searching of necessary documents.

-         providing information to employees about documents availability.

-         issuance in accordance with established procedure cases, documents or their copies for official use and for indoor archive.

-         methodological support of departments and divisions staff in the formulation, preparation and delivery of documents in the archive.

-         control over the timely arrival of the archive documents prepared by paperwork.

-         drafting acts and destruction of  expired documents.

-         accounting documents of cases, the issuance of certificates based on archival data.

-         archive retains completed paperwork documents of permanent preservation with social, economic, scientific value,  the long-term (over 10 years) and temporary (10 years) term documents preservation needed in practice, documents on personnel of liquidated units.

The archive is headed by the group leader, appointed by the CEO by submission of the head of documentary support.

The number and categories of personnel are determined by the archive staff list of the enterprise according to the "Standards of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine enterprises number in the Exclusion Zone".

The structure of the archive includes:

- Technician 1 cat. - 2 positions

- Archivist - 1 position

Rights and responsibilities of the head of archive are defined by job descripions.

Group archive is subordinated to the documentary support department of the enterprise.

The archive was subordinated to the documentary department and renamed as group archives.